Ftp program for mac os x lion

Manage file transfers with our Transfer Manager which allows users to monitor, pause, stop, restart and even schedule file transfers. Updating your Web site is made very easy with our sophisticated yet easy-to-use Synchronization module. We even provide the ability to schedule 'Sync Jobs' at a time convenient for you. For quick access to your remote data, Captain FTP has provided 'Virtual Folders', a direct desktop shortcut to a remote folder which may be also placed in the dock.

Simply drop a file on the folder icon to transfer the file.

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MacOS Sierra, OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan FTPD Enable App

Captain FTP 6. Version 6. Rate this app:. Post review. Most helpful. Like 5. I have used this program for years, from Version 1x on, for Mac OS I was also about to give up on it, since there were no udates for years until now. Thankfully, the program just works, and seldom crashes for me.

Top 5 of the Best FTP Clients for Mac OS Available Today

However, there hasn't been any updates since , so I cannot say if this program works under El Captain I know they dropped PPC support with Version 6. There are two 6. I finally got a reply from the "Captain". I am posting this for others that have SnowLeopard as their OS.

How to Access FTP Server in Mac [with and without third-party software]

Like 2. Thanks for the download URL, Jazzyguy! Like 1. Thanks Jess! I have 2 iMacs that have It is a great OS and many of us are reluctant to give it up. It all worked out in the end! MUCH appreciated! I downloaded and installed 6. I took the download both here and on his web site. I can not understand why even MacUpdate doesn't correct this glaring error which will cause a lot of inconvenience for Snow Leopard Users.

Fortunately I had a backup copy of 6. I have to give 2 stars as I feel dismayed by the poor download situation. Perhaps you're experiencing a different issue? Regarding our listing: all we have to go on is the developer's website. If their information is incorrect, ours will naturally be incorrect as well. It is not compatible with Snow Leopard. I'm sorry Nick but the quote from the error message was an accurate quote.

I downloaded it with the same result 5 times.

You don't need an additional app to connect to a FTP server using Mac OS X, let me show you how.

It is NOT your fault that the app supplied misinformation. If you use the command line, you probably noticed that the latest versions of macOS do not have FTP file transfer protocol.

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By default, FTP is not installed in the latest versions of the system, but this does not mean that you cannot install the protocol yourself. SFTP has more secure encryption. However, some users still prefer FTP. We will do this by installing inetutils. And this is done through Homebrew. The inetutils file contains: FTP, FTP server, telnet and telnet server, as well as rsh, rlogin, tfp servers and clients, etc.

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If you need FTP protocol, it will not hurt to install the entire set. When Homebrew finishes installing inetutils, you can run the FTP command as usual. For example, you can connect to the gnu. One of the advantages of this method is that you also get other useful tools in the kit, and you will not need to install them manually. Simply, the built-in server is disabled by default and we just need to enable it.

ARCHIVED: For Mac OS X, what native FTP and SFTP clients are available, and how do they compare?

This is what we will do. Check if the server is working with the ftp localhost command. If you see something similar in the terminal window:.

So everything turned out and the server works. To connect to the server, use your account or create a new one, especially for ftp connections which will be more correct from a security point of view.


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As you know, the FTP server transmits data in unencrypted form and, as a result, for security reasons, it is not very reliable. If this is the first login to the server, then the client will offer to remember the host to which the connection is made. Next, you need to enter a password, if all the data has been entered correctly, the client will successfully connect to the server. Hi there! My Name is Vincent Lago!