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Whether you're looking to anchor your mixes with a giant vault of amazing Bass patches, or you're searching for a versatile instrument to create your own unique Bass sounds A Demo unit is an item that has been previously used for demo purposes or a video shoot. A B-Stock unit is an item that has been returned by a customer with little to no signs of wear and tear.

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Please learn about these charges before placing an order. How large is the core library? The Trilian core library is ten times the size of Trilogy - over 34 Gigabytes! There are many hundreds of different Soundsources and Patches, some containing many thousands of samples each, and with more new patches and sounds being added over time. Does it contain all the samples from the original Trilogy? All the original core library samples and enhanced versions of all the classic Trilogy sounds are included. Does Trilian include "classic samples" from libraries such as Bass Legends?

Bass Legends was Spectrasonics' very first product, and was released in The Bass Legends sounds have also been remastered, enhanced and added to Trilian as a special bonus.

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There are a wide variety of basses included, and because they are smaller files, they will load quickly. If you are composing and need a quick bass sound, these provide a great starting point. How much of the Core Library is from the original sample libraries?

A very small percentage. The vast majority of the 34 Gigabytes is brand new. And of course, all the new Patches have never been presented before. What is Trilian? Trilian is an amazingly versatile and award-winning software instrument plug-in designed for world-class Acoustic, Electric and Synth Basses. Trilian features a massive 34 GB core library ten times the size of Trilogy!

Is Trilian a Stand-alone app or a Plugin? What's the difference between Trilogy and Trilian?

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Virtually everything! Trilian is a completely new bass instrument. It's the second instrument to use our state-of-the-art STEAM Engine, with a completely different interface and many new and innovative features for Bass. In addition to the sample-based sounds found in Trilogy, and a greatly expanded selection of new basses, many additional sampling techniques have been added, such as Round Robin, Dynamic Legato, Release noises, Multichannel Soundsources and a whole range of new articulations like multisampled slides.

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The core library in Trilian is over 34Gb in size — 10 times the size of Trilogy! So does Trilian replace Trilogy? Yes, Trilian is Trilogy's successor. What are the minimum system requirements for Trilian? You can view them HERE. Is it compatible with xxx?

Will Trilian replace my Trilogy plug-in? Trilian is a brand new plug-in.

Spectrasonics Release Trilian Version 1.2 with 64-Bit Support

Does Trilian use Copy Protection? Does Trilian include a manual?

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All our instruments include a comprehensive online Reference Guide, which is accessible directly through the plug-in. The integrated Reference Guide is searchable and we can keep it up to date with the software releases. How fast of a computer will I need to run Trilian? As with all virtual instruments - the faster the better. Trilian is designed to run optimally on modern computers. See the System Requirements for more information. Bass sounds require far less polyphony than most of the sounds in Omnisphere, and as a result typically require significantly less CPU power to run.

Is Trilian 64 bit? All our instruments are bit native on both Mac and Windows. They are fully-operational in 32 bit hosts as well. Does Trilian use streaming? Trilian streams from the drive for quick loading of the sounds. Drive streaming is also configurable.